rebOrn protagonists talk about the project and its beginning. What is rebOrn and why?

Ludovico Maria Gilberti – fine art photographer
«How many times we fell in love, how many times we realized that love creates vibration in our heart. Reborn wants to generate these emotions in the viewer and Sarah’s embrace gives him/her the chance to rebOrn.»

Sarah Arensi – painter and performer
«rebOrn is a journey through our shadow to let it become light, and once it has become light, this light joins the silence, the space, what we really are beyond our body. Reborn is action and interaction, a complete fusion in a hug that makes you lose the ordinary boundaries of existence. I think the work of LMG is perfectly complementary, because he managed to go beyond the matter of something that has been expressed on the canvas, being able to take us to a universal dimension, where there is a depth and an infinite space in which we can question ourself. Cumino music is perfect because it is deeply hypnotic, I would say shamanic (in some traditions you can use certain definitions) because it awakens a healing process of alchemical transformation of being and, together with photos, paintings and embrace’s performance, it contributes to a true awakening of consciousness, that is what we wish to donate more to the public, to those who interact with our work.»